Teasy South Florida Based Lady’s Apparel Fashion

Have you been searching for a timeless yet current female fashion clothing brand? If so, there is just one brand you need to devote the time in checking out. Teasy is the best trendy new female graphic knit wear apparel brand where the collections were formed by the South Florida style. This brand began back in 2010, from South Florida and every one of the clothing pieces are made from great quality fabrics. The clothing brand founders are youthful and hip clothing designers whom want to spread their vision with the rest of the world.

At the time of the Art Basel event in South Florida, Teasy will have an show segment for their fashion brand that will be open to the actual public during 12/08/2012 and 12/09/2012. There will be a private party on December 7th during 7-11pm at Miami Center Plastic Surgery that will be hosted by Teasy. Make sure to go to this particular show to see and buy some of the controlled amount of clothing from the 2013 collection. For much more information on the female fashion brand and the Art Basel exhibit visit TEASY.COM.