Katie Holmes Signs Up On WealthyMen.Com

The celebrity fans knows that Ms. Holmes and Mr. Tom Cruise divorced due to his crazy Scientology ways, but there is something that some people does not know is that Holmes is absolutely getting her groove back by signing up on WEALTHY MEN. Katie is a star and is use to dating guys that have money. There isn’t any other spot to go on dates with men that are rich and can take care of the recently single Katie. There are some that might say that Ms. Holmes is moving on too fast in contacting to meet new guys, but she had cooked up this divorce for a long time. Sources told she had in possession a pre-paid cell phone that a girl friend of hers gave her so that she can talk with lawyers without Tom Cruise knowing about it.

The divorce was wrapped up quickly because the Scientology church didn’t want the spot light on them. Obviously they do not desire any additional spot light as they want to remain being this cult religion. By the way, Cruise has choose his next wife and Holmes will remain on her search through WEALTHY MEN. Many people are glad for her to be out in the social scene and connecting with guys whom she will have a real marriage with. Do not be surprised if you come across a good looking brunette that goes by the name of Katie on the WealthyMen.